Wednesday, November 30, 2011


The following post comes out of my practice journal—a plain notebook that pleads to be true to the journey of life—messy, flawed, and raw. The writing prompt came with instruction: write the first thoughts that come to mind for two full minutes on the topic of Home. The pen must be in constant movement. No stops or pauses. As much as I would like to edit and polish it up for this post—I leave it imperfect—much like my journey…lk 


What is home? Acceptance. Where I am loved for who I am and not what I do.

Home. Always inviting. Always welcoming. Welcoming me—all of me. Where is home? It changes from season to season. And even moment to moment. Home. Where the space in my soul is overwhelmed with contentment, peace, and fulfillment.

Oh, how I long for home.

Every moment. Every moment is a choice to come home where my soul meets with Him. My God. He is my home.

He is my home.

Now it’s your turn.

In the comment section write what home is to you…and watch what happens. Not what the letters form on the screen, but the movement in your heart.

Here or somewhere…be real. Share your journey.

Relevant Music

Home by David Nevue


  1. Home calls to me at times from a bench, from a tree, from the voice of a friend, reminding me that my heart is home wherever I am, because that's where God is.

  2. Home is where I decide to run when I am being chased by the bully who wants to beat me up and steal my money. Home is my singular obsession when I am lost. Home is familiar and peaceful even though its not perfect


  3. What is home and who is home for me are one in the same. Just as you said Laura, "Home is the place I am loved for being me." His presence is Home, His fulfillment is Home, He is Home. Sometimes it's peaceful, sometimes it's raw, sometimes it is adventurous. Sometimes it is in the soft gentle kiss of adoration from my husband. Sometimes it is in the big bear hug of a little girl. He is behind all these things. He is my home!

  4. Home is in the whisper of the breeze that calls my name and says follow me. Home is in the warmth of a blanket that wraps me up and holds me close. Home in the voice of my children as they call my name. Home is in the embrace of my husband's strong arms. Home is the smell of fall and the sound of the rain. Home is in the text from a friend that says I'm thinking of you and praying for you. Home is in my Father's presence when it's just me and him. Home is in His word that leaps off the page as if it was written just for me. Home is reading a friend's blog that makes me intentionally think about HOME.

  5. If home is where the heart is, where is my heart? Is it stuck in the mundane trivial things called life? Do I render it messy and inconsequential? Or should I be finding meaning and substance every moment, every hour? But wouldn't that overwhelm me after time? Time and time again of reminding myself to find meaning in a home filled with noise, laughter, running, jumping, playing, cook wear clinking. What am I supposed to remember again? Distractions, distractions, they come with a cost. A cost with a price. A life without meaning, this is too much, too high a price to pay. What do I do? I pray, pray without ceasing to be present, be real, be grateful, be merciful, be obedient, stand holy with the Lord. Every moment, every hour, pray without ceasing. There, my heart will be home.

  6. The minute I read your post title “Home” tears began streaming down my cheeks.

    Let me explain. On the way to school this morning a song on the radio struck the chords of my longing heart. The moment I got home I downloaded it. After spending time praying and basking in His presence, I put earplugs in and turned up the volume. Captured and encouraged by the truth of the words I let it play over and over. I decided to check e-mail while continually listening --- (I NEVER DO THIS). The only e-mail I clicked on was yours – because of the TITLE.

    While reading your post playing in my ears were these words………..”All I know is I’M NOT HOME YET; this is not where I belong; take this world and give me Jesus; this is not where I belong.” (Building 429 -“Where I Belong”)

    In the raging waters of life while traveling through this “temporary home”, I hold fast to my “Blessed Assurance”. In Him alone I find peace, strength, love, abundance, acceptance, and rest. As I watch loved ones hurt and circumstances go unchanged I am reminded this earth is my temporary home. I am only passing through. HOME is the place where I long to be where the light of His face is all I need. HOME is where no more tears will fall, no more sorrow to embrace, no more sickness to endure, and no more pain to rise above. Home is the final destination. Hallelujah! Until He calls me home I chose to cling tightly the hem of His Holy Robe and not let go until I see Him face to face. And then at last I will behold my King, and I will dance in His arms to a song that will never end.
    (Sorry – unedited)

  7. Home touches every one of my five senses. It's a place where I can stop and breathe. I breathe in cinnamon candles and mama's cookin'. I taste the kisses of those I love and, of course, the delectable morsels laid out to snack on. I hear stories that fill me joy and cause me to giggle like a little girl. The laughter proves powerful and relaxes my mind. Yep, just keep breathing - shut off the "list" and be present in the moment.
    "Home" even sometimes gets put on the "list." When my eyes roam around the place for something to do, a gentle touch or hug brings me back to the the moment. "Home" is an open invitation to be present in the moment for me. There's always enough room for one more...there's always something to give away.
    For LK from Mikelyn...I did it!