Wednesday, November 16, 2011

My Confession


I attended a writer’s conference—and didn’t write.

I couldn’t. The words—the “right” words just never came. I fought hard to find the words…but I never did. It would seem that I gave up. But it was more like I gave in.

See it wasn’t about what I could do for Him. It was about what He wanted to give to me.

I tried to work for Him—but He didn’t want me to. I couldn’t earn what He wanted to give. The challenge was to receive from Him. When did the simple act of receiving become a challenge? Strange, I know. But I am learning to lean into Him. Not just when I need or want something, but because He needs and wants me.

This blog is my journey—a bit messy, and today, unedited. I thank you for your grace.

I invite you to listen to the music clip below. Not with your ears, but with your soul.

In the words of my dear friend:

“May the words of this song pour over you like oil.”

Let it pour.

Will you give in to the challenge and just receive from Him?

The More I Seek You by Kari Jobe

Here or somewhere…be real.
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  1. "Gave in."

    That's something we'd all do well to do more of. Control can be a disease that infects our faith with somethin' awful. Giving in, on the other—how beautiful? It's when God finally snatches our attention and says, "Let's be together."

    Thanks for your post, Laura!


  2. Sometimes being passive and just being still enough....and empty enough... to receive is the hardest thing. I think I have to do and earn and be...actively be. But then it becomes clear I'm trying to steer the car that He's supposed to be driving. And I have to slide over to the passenger seat... Or even get into the back and shut my mouth. Stop giving directions, and just be. I let Him have control and drive. That is one of the hardest things...i have to stop trying to actively control, and just be.

  3. I love it when you are "unedited." Indeed, let it pour ...