Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Worth the Mess

Things were about to get messy.

Her heart beat wildly within her chest as she carefully clasped the ceramic jar between her sweaty palms. Motivated by love she cautiously and confidently walked through the crowd to reach her one passion—the one called Jesus.

She felt judging eyes following her, but she focused only on her Lord. Upon reaching Him she dropped to her knees. She knew it was a risk, but there was no going back. Her soul longed to be close to her Messiah—her Savior. Without further hesitation she cracked open the jar. Everyone froze as the sound echoed across the room. The scent of perfume and the oily substance escaped through the broken opening—making a mess.

Spectators watched as the woman poured perfume over Jesus’ head. Murmurs were heard throughout the room as she used her hair to anoint His feet. She knew it was messy—but she did it anyway. He was worth it.

The Bible tells this story about Mary, a woman radically changed by the love of Jesus. Her expression, though criticized, was out of response to the love she received. She chose to take a risk. She chose to be vulnerable. She chose to trust—even if it got messy.

Her response makes sense when you think about Jesus. After all, His love toward us was displayed in messy ways too. He stepped out of heaven and became a baby only to be given a dirty animal trough as a crib, who then grew up to be a man to endure the bloody piercings of the crucifixion. He was willing to get messy—we were worth it.

Like Mary, the extravagant love of God has radically changed my life. My response to Him has become a journey of risk, vulnerability, and deeper trust. Does it get messy? Sure it does—but He’s worth it.

Are you willing to get messy?

Here or somewhere…be real.
Share your journey.

Relevant Worship

Deep in Love with You by Michael W. Smith

Burning Ones by Chris Quilala (Jesus Culture)

Dance with Me by Paul Wilbur

Reflective Scripture

Matthew 26:6-13
Mark 14:3-9
Luke 7:36-50


  1. Wow. GREAT post! Thank you for the reminder that He is worth the mess. I am in the midst of ministering to 'messy', stinky sheep (myself included). Thanks to you, I'm reminded of the mess Jesus had to endure for that privilege. Blessings to you, LK! <3 KL

  2. He is so worth the mess, but He thinks I am too?...leaves me...well...a mess :)

  3. When I consider my mess, it wrecks my world that He thinks I am worth it! The price He paid, the mess He endured, because He declares me/you WORTHY. How much more worthy He is of our praise!