Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Riding Tandem

The wind blew gently on my face as my bare feet became wet from the dew topped meadow. Sitting under a canopy of trees I became keenly aware of the sights and sounds surrounding me. Peace washed over me. My mind emptied of concerns, tasks, and time.

“What do you want to show me, Lord?”

He showed me a bicycle built for two. Jesus sat in the front seat. A woman was in the back. His hands were gripped on the handlebars navigating through the passageways at great exhilarating speed. Her hands, released of the handlebars, were lifted high up in the air. Unrestrained joy glowed on her face. She not only trusted the Lord, she enjoyed the ride—wholeheartedly.

“Lord, I am listening. What are you revealing?”

Trust Me in what I am about to do.

In what He is about to do? My mind went back to the last few days. I felt an overwhelming weight that something was coming—something big—something good. And not just for me, but for you, too.

I believe the woman on the bicycle represents the Bride of Christ. I believe God is about to take a turn around a bend that will launch you and me into new things. The things we have contended for in the supernatural will become realized in the natural. He is traveling at a rapid speed and therefore is beckoning us to cultivate a deepening trust with Him.

As I release my grip from the handlebars and lift my hands in worship I pray you will join me --and together we can enjoy the ride.

How is God deepening your trust in Him?
Share your journey…

Reflective Scripture

Trust in the lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to Him, and He will make your paths straight.  Proverbs 3:5-6

Relevant Worship

Here In Your Presence by New Life Worship

Revelation Song by Kari Jobe


  1. Oh I'm soooo on that bike!

    I'm wishing Jesus would lean to one side so I could see what lies ahead. I think He's nearly laughing at my impatience and 5-year-old self that keeps asking "how much longer, are we there yet, how much loooonger?"

    Great visual Laura - thank you :)

    LOL :) I totally get that! I would suppose that is a part of the trust journey! He will give you glimpses--when He knows you can handle the view! Love the idea that He would be laughing. Not at you (or me) but just the thought that He is enjoying this ride too.

  3. I love it! As always Laura, you connect to the very heart of God! I am on that bike saying God take me wherever you want to go and God says you are going to have to stop fearing the response of man, let go, and walk in the boldness that I have called you to. I'm letting go and I am drawing deeper into my God who is ALWAYS faithful!

  4. @passion4him
    Wow. You are right on! Thanks for the encouragement/exhortation. wow.

  5. Oh I needed that visual! I see myself on that bike too and at times am like Sherry...wishing I could see ahead, but I do trust Him. He has revealed to me that I no longer need to "strive"...but just enjoy the ride...He's taking me on :)

  6. That's my journey - exciting, scary, and more than I ever hoped for (by faith) all at the same time!

  7. Thank you Laura for the ride! I have been asking God for more....more wisdom, more courage, more of Him. I feel like I am on that bike coming around the bend, I have heard many others say that something big is just around the corner too! Thanks for reminding me that he is in control and that he wants to give us more!!!! We are eagerly anticipating a rapid deposit of the supernatural!!

  8. Loved it when you shared this at our life group, Laura. Love it even more the way you've written it. Can't wait - on earth as it is in heaven!

  9. Love this Laura!! Mike and I were just talking about this last night and how it applies to our lives right now.
    The cool thing about the tandem bike is that when we let Jesus pilot/lead the way, we give up our right to steer. So even if, we put our hands down to grab the handle bars for a moment, we still have lost the control to maneuver its direction.
    Now i must learn to keep my feet up to, so as to not apply the brakes if i think Jesus is going too fast.

  10. Hi Laura, reading your post, sometimes I feel like the isrialites I want to go back to eygpt, knowing it's not whats best for me, but it's what I know. This wild ride I am on now, is so above my imagination that I have a hard time even trusting myself, let alone trusting God. My prayers is as I peel my fingers off the handlebars and pick my feet up so that they are no longer dragging that no matter what is ahead I can say "What a ride Lord, what a ride! Let's do it again!"