Wednesday, June 8, 2011

In His Gaze

Just a girl in pigtails—I longed to be loved.

His eyes locked on mine—my heart pounding in my chest. I wanted to look away—but I couldn’t. I wouldn’t. There was something I needed to see—something I needed to feel.

Hold My gaze

I looked deeply and saw the lenses of His eyes change. I could see His heart looking back at me. I looked away unable to bare the intensity any longer. His love was too deep too, too powerful for a girl in pigtails.

The next morning He came near again. The music of His heart swirled in the air between us. Standing before me I heard Him whisper.

Hold My gaze

Tears came in floods. I was just a girl in pigtails. How dare I look into His eyes—let alone hold His gaze?

He said nothing. Placed His hands on my scrawny shoulders and waited. His touch brought a surge of warmth within me. There was something He needed me to see—something He wanted me to feel.

Courage met deep longing and I looked up and held His gaze. Within a moment the intensity of His gaze became like laser beams into my soul. His eyes said one thing—

 I love you

The truth of His love penetrated me instantly as deep powerful waves rushed through every part of me.

His laser beam eyes wrote Beloved Daughter  across my identity.
I was secure. I was loved.

It was something I needed to see—something I needed to feel.
I saw it in His eyes, and felt it in my soul.

His arms opened wide and I fell into Him. Clinging to Him as a girl in pigtails would do. Love embraced me. Love consumed me.

Wrapped in my Father’s embrace I knew who I was. I knew where I belonged—

In my Father’s gaze.

Whose gaze will you hold?

Here or somewhere
             be real.
Share your journey.


Relevant Worship

Beloved by Kari Jobe

Beloved by Tenth Avenue North

How He Loves by Kim Walker-Smith

Reflective Scripture

The Lord God will take great delight in you, He will quiet you with his love, He will rejoice over you with singing. Zephaniah 3:17 NIV


  1. So thankful we have our identity in a Holy God who calls us Beloved!

  2. Often I find myself holding back and even denying the Fathers Love in fear of what other might think of me. For the first time in a while last week I was able to stand, step out of my comfort zone and allow those deep powerful waves of love penetrate my heart! Instantly every pain and every burden was removed. Oh how I was reminded of the Fathers unfailing LOVE and oh how I long to gaze in His eyes all the days of my life!!! Great post Laura!

    Thanks, DG

  3. The beauty of our identity in Him! The indescribable beauty of His amazing love for us! I am reminded of that Amy Grant song from long ago, "My Father's Eyes." We are LOVED! Thank you for bringing us to our Father's eyes!

  4. I needed this today to remind me that despite what I think of myself or how I see myself, He loves me...oh how He loves me. In the arms of love. . .I find rest.

  5. That deep, intense gaze of God's unconditional love looks deep into the soul, initially leaving me feeling vulnerable. Lord, may I look long enough to find acceptance in your trustworthy gaze.

    Great reminder and imagery. Thank you.

    I'm reminded of Tenth Avenue North's "Beloved" as well:

  6. All I can say is thank you...I feel like you took the word out of my heart. I am His and He is mine nothing else matters....

  7. Thank you. I love the songs too. They ministered to me. God bless you sister. May the Lord continue to use you.

  8. This is beautiful, Laura.

  9. Wrapped in my Father's embrace and held in His gaze...that is where I long to be.