Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Final Round

They were a bloody mess.

The opponents were no longer playing by the rules. Intentional blows below the belt brought more hostility than when the fight first began. Illegal head butts between fighters resulted in blurred vision and aching bodies.

The bell sounded signaling the end of the round.

Retreating to their respected corners they longed to rest and regain strength. It had been a long fight. Extended rounds left the rivals weak and flailing in their execution. Yet they refused to give up. Both wished to defeat their rival and become the champion.

The bell rang to begin yet another round…

The fighters stood in the center of the ring. Exhaustion overcame them. Neither opponent threw a punch.

Finally after some time the lightweight made the first move.

“We have to stop this—we’re on the same team.”

Skeptical of this new strategy the heavyweight circled around his opponent making defensive jabs of accusations, criticism, and blame.

The lightweight almost threw in the towel—

But instead made the riskiest move in any fight—

She became vulnerable.

Removing the boxing gloves the lightweight dropped the gloves to the ground, No defense. No protection. No strategy—only vulnerability.

Tears that once masqueraded as sweat flooded the face of the lightweight.

“I don’t like us anymore.”

The heavyweight was hit—straight to the heart.

Hope motivated her next move.

“I want us to be on the same team.”

Something welled up within the heavyweight. Instinctively, he removed and dropped his gloves to the ground. Suddenly, he couldn’t remember why he entered the ring. One thing for sure--it wasn’t a fight worth winning anymore. He reached to embrace his companion—the one he vowed to live for—not fight against.

With boxing gloves kicked aside, the couple embraced new hope as apologies were exchanged and promises made to heal.

Supportive coaches lovingly led them outside the ring—and back into their home, while the judges came to a unanimous decision.

Noting the couple’s unique techniques of attacking pride and defending unity while in the ring gave reason for Father, Son and Holy Spirit to declare them both—

C h a m p i o n s.

Will you drop your gloves?
Will you be vulnerable?
Will you be a Champion?

Here or somewherebe real.
Share your journey.


  1. You are very very sneaky- speaking to heart issues through sports. Mike G.

  2. This was just what the Good Doctor ordered!


  3. Thank you again for your honesty and truth Laura. Many are blessed because you choose to speak the real issues of the heart and life... and I am one of those who are blessed. Love you friend... Loving the journey!

  4. I pictured myself in the crowd and then all of the sudden I was in the ring. I felt the jabs and blows as you expressed so vulnerably. My heart ached at first and then soared with the "new hope" embrace. I was encouraged as the SUPPORTIVE coaches led them from the ring. WELL WRITTEN!

  5. Wow! Humility, surrender, vulnerability...

  6. Really, really fabulous imagery showcasing your vulnerability and wisdom. Evokes feelings of 1995 for me and the resulting declaration of champions in my household. Congrats on 14 years!!

  7. I am not proud that I am the Heavy Weight in this story, but I am proud of the journey we've both taken, and honestly I've been led through.
    I could not imagine where I might be without your encouragement. I know that TOGETHER we are better fighters FOR our marriage and facing all comers, BECAUSE of what we've been through.
    Happy Anniversary to my beautiful Bride, Laura!

  8. Laura, you expressions touch me evey time! Leaves me in much thought, reflecting & searching! What a wonderful Gift you've been given. Thank you for sharing, don't stop!!