Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Powerful Force

In the midst of Sunday morning worshipers a small, blonde-hair, blue-eyed figure stood before me. The sad condition of his heart was evident. With shoulders drooped forward and head bent low—shame enveloped his body and spirit. Burying his face into my legs I leaned down and scooped him up and held him close. His morning tantrum and defiant behavior ceased. He was silent—finally. Yet as much as the screaming may have come to an end, his heart was noticeably unresolved. I held him, rocked him, and comforted him.

I sensed in my spirit this moment to be different than previous parenting occasions. It didn’t seem right to lecture or even punish my four year old. I wanted to tell him he was forgiven, but even that seemed to miss the mark.

“Lord what does he need to hear?”


I pondered the Lord’s reply as the music in the worship center grew increasingly intense. People young and old sang in unity the words that comfort every soul—the truth of God’s love.

Love is a powerful force.

I took my son’s face and turned it toward mine. He resisted at first, but soon yielded. When his eyes met mine they looked big, anticipating a reprimand. I stifled his expectations by deliberately and thoughtfully speaking the words, “I love you”. His eyes grew bigger as if waiting for news of his punishment. I said it a few more times and his eyes softened, his countenance lightened, and snuggled happily back into my arms.

Love is a powerful force.

As the worship continued in the sanctuary, this personal moment with my son magnified within my heart. The Lord impressed there were others in the crowd gripped with the same condition. Even though my natural eyes saw people standing upright with heads lifted high, my spiritual eyes saw shame wrapped tightly around hearts.

Shame is a powerful force.

It’s the human condition. Whether we are the recipient or the executor of embarrassment, dishonor, humiliation, or indignity we have all experienced shame. Unhealed it can leave our soul wounded with an inability to trust or even forgive—anyone.

Shame is a powerful force.

But Love is a far greater one.

For it was Love who rose from His throne, left heaven, and stepped into our world. His presence alone soothes the aches in our hearts. Carefully chosen words escape His lips only as a whisper, yet resonate within our soul like peals of thunder. Shame-breaking holy words—
I love you
releases forgiveness, healing, restoration, and honor over every deep, dark, and broken area of our heart.

Love is a powerful force indeed.

Will you agree with God and declare over yourself, “He loves me”?

Listen in on this week’s Relevant Worship playlist and share your journey—with me…with someone.

Relevant Worship

How He Loves by Kim Walker-Smith

Restoration by David Brymer

You Are My All in All by Gaither Vocal Band

Reflective Scripture
But God--so rich is He in His mercy! Because of and in order to satisfy the great and wonderful and intense love with which He loved us…Ephesians 2:4 Amplified

But God showed his great love for us by sending Christ to die for us while we were still sinners. Romans 5:8 NLT

He makes me lie down in green pastures; He leads me beside quiet waters. He restores my soul. Psalm 23:2-3a NASB


  1. This brought a tear to my eye.

    So often I feel ashamed of my thoughts, my actions, my inaction. Thank you for reminding me that Love trumps all that.

    And, Kim Walker's song is one of my all-time favorites; probably because I need to be reminded so frequently that "He Loves Us, oh how He loves us."

    Thank you for being used of God to speak into my heart today!

  2. "Shame is a powerful force. But Love is a far greater one." Beautiful! Thank you for the reminder!

  3. Enraptured over the way He softly speaks it into my spirit, "I love you" and it resonates so deeply in my heart. Oh how He loves us, setting us free to love others! Beautifully written Laura and you are loved!!!

  4. That gives me a beautiful picture of the truth in Rom. 2:2- its his kindness that leads us into turning around and going the right way"-

  5. I asked the Lord this weekend to let me see through His eyes. He responded, "Are you sure?" I thought that was a strange reply until I realized how counter His perspective is from mine. Saying "I love you" instead of "shame on you" is so God vs. so human. Thanks for the remider, the reinforcement, and most of all for being obidient to share.

  6. Will you agree with God and declare over yourself, “He loves me”?

    Today I step out in faith and say no longer is man's love the same as God's love for me. Just because I have been rejected by man, I will believe that God will not reject me & HE LOVES ME. this is scary, but I know it's time.

  7. Mmmmmm, this reminded me of a special time with one of my girls. He loves me. He loves them. Thanks friend!

  8. Again, beautiful imagery...I think if I was seated near you and your son--watching the moment unveil, I'd probably fall apart. What a wonderful thing to journal to remember, what a transparent and gracious moment for you to share with us. Thanks buddy!

  9. Above all else I CHOOSE Love. It is a conscious decision based on my faith to believe rather than my feelings of which so often deceive.
    Shame is a powerful force.
    I however CHOOSE love.
    Thanks my friend for always pointing us in the right direction.